Big Grain Jar with Cup

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Product Description

Sleek design cereal jars make your kitchen look attractive.!! These cereal jars which can withstand easy breakages and it is flexible. Compact Design And Capacity Cereal jar measures 15 cms in height with 20 cms in length, which can fit anywhere in your kitchen. Each jar can hold up to 2.5 liters or 2500 ml. Cute Measuring Cups Measuring cups will come handy if you need accurate measuring of cereals spices, breakfast edibles such as cereals, chocos, cornflakes, chocolates and more. Other Features Wow!! It perfectly fits in your cupboard, you will get perfect visibility of items. Cereal jars will fit even in small place. You can store all variety of spices, cereals, breakfast edibles such as chocos, cornflakes and sometimes even you can store oil. All in one Gade cereal jar serves your needs. Easy opening lid, it is 80% air tight, which could keep the cereals fresh. Easy to dispense, just open the measuring cup, it is not necessary to open the lid to access the contents inside the jar.


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