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1. Made of new ABS material, it is environmentally friendly and durable
2. Suitable for most mobile phone models
3. It can rotate 360? and adjust various visual angles freely.


Made of ABS material
360? rotatable
180? swingable
Fits at the car?s rearview mirror
Easy to install & remove
Workable for mobiles with 3-5.5 inches screen
Foamed plastic for cellphone protection
Stop risking your life while grabbing your phone in one hand to use navigation and taking glances at the road and the phone simultaneously. Get this easily installable rearview mirror phone holder and drive without bending down your head every now and then.

What you?ll get:

Easy installation: This mount requires no glues, stickers, or screwing. Just attach the two grip arms with the rearview mirror and fit the phone at the angle you want.
180? movement: This rear view mirror phone mount can swing up and down, making it easy for all short and tall individuals to adjust according to their height.
360? rotatable: This allows you to turn your phone vertical or horizontal by turning it in any direction; the choice is yours with its completely rotatable feature. It works great during GPS tracking and playing movies for passengers sitting in the back car.
No scratching of the phone: The parts that come in contact with your smartphone are constructed with soft plastic, which won?t damage your phone?s case or scratch the screen.
Secure attachment: The screw that controls the holder?s movement is made with precise considerations because if it becomes loose, the movement will be impaired.


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