Handheld Coffee Egg Beater Milk Froth Wand Electric Hand Whisk For Egg Whites Mini Smoothie Blender Coffee Latte Hot Chocolate Egg Beater


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Producr Description:

  • Handheld Coffee Egg Beater Multi Purpose: egg beating, mixing protein shakes, coffee, hot chocolate, and others;
  • Take it away on holidays or camping trips to add something special to your hot drinks
  • Hand held milk foam frother – portable electric handheld milk frother for turning your morning hot or Iced Coffee into an Italian Barista experience
  • For latte Coffee or tea drink – delivers a delightfully creamy texture in 15-20 seconds – perfect for whipping up an Italian cappuccino, chai tea or a latte at home
  • Mini blender for egg whites or smoothies –
  • Handheld Coffee Egg Beater Cordless and portable froth –
  • battery operated frother uses 2 AA batteries to give you light and airy froth at the touch of a button
  • batteries not included


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