Dual Side Kitchen Sponge Holder

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Small holes at the bottom, preventing moisture buildup and growth of mold. It is made of two layers of different property plastic, soft inside to be flexible , hard outside in good shape.

Hold bar soap, sponge, brush, scrubber, scouring pad or drain stopper.

Multifunctional: It is amazing that some little girl finds the new function of this sink holder, while it was designed as a sink holder. She used it as as a desk organizer.  Quoted from customer comment:  Could have sworn that my daughter said she was looking for one of these for her kitchen sink. Turns out I was wrong, but my granddaughter liked it and is using it on her desk to hold pens and other desktop supplies.

No need drill holes on the wall, just put it on the ridge between two sinks, or by the sink as the bottom is flat which could stay still by itself.


Product Size: 5.71″x5.51″x4.88″

Pack Size: 1 Pack

Color: White Shell Grey inner.


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