Double-Sided Adhesive Wall Hooks Hanger


Delivery Charges Rs.200/-

Units Sold: 5

Double-Sided Adhesive Wall Hooks Hanger

Size: 6*6cm Feature: Durable

Type: Multi-Purpose Hooks?Use:Home Storage?Used in:Bathroom Outdoor Kitchen

No traces, no residues, no traces of the hook, it is a solid glue with no substrate, good elasticity and toughness, not easy to tear, tearing off will not leave any difficult to remove glue marks, keeping the wall clean.

The adhesive sheet has a certain degree of flexibility, and the area is larger than the hook base itself, which is stronger and more reliable than any hook on the market, so there is no need to worry about it falling off.

Ordinary sticky hooks will fall off when exposed to water. Our non-marking hooks will remain firm even in water, splashing water, damp on the wall.


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