Water Spray Healthy Mop


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Product Description:

Product name: spray mop

Product material: ABS PP stainless steel Product color: red, blue, khaki

Product size: 40*12*128cm Specifications:

1. Microfiber cloth: water-absorbing decontamination, easy to clean, to achieve meticulous cleaning

2.400m water tank detachable convenient water tank: add a water drag 120, no back and forth

3. One-key water spray, comfortable handle: ABS material, comfortable grip, built-in transmission connecting rod, uniform spray

4. Disinfection and sterilization to prevent : add disinfectant while spraying water while mopping the floor to keep the home healthy and clean at all times.

5. The mop can be rotated at 360 degrees: the mop head is designed to be thin and flat, and it is flexible to drill and sew. It can easily go deep into the bottom of the corner, sofa cabinet, table, etc. It is not involved.

Package Included: 1* spray mop


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