Telescopic Sink Shelf Expandable Storage Drain Basket Kitchen

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Telescopic sink frame

Drain rack

Kitchen accessories
Hollow design: The bottom hollow design is not easy to accumulate
water, and it is convenient to drain water, creating a dry environment,
sanitary and not easy to mold.
Hanger+chassis: Double-deck is more convenient. Hanger can hold rags
and towels, and drain pan can hold hand sanitizer/steel ball, etc

Thickened PP material: good bearing capacity, no deformation, and can accommodate more products at one time.Freely telescopic: telescopic design, flexible use, and can be placed on sinks of various sizes.
Easy to store: Easy-to-store cleaning utensils, such as dishwashing
liquid and ball brush, which are convenient for daily cleaning.
It is not only a storage tool but also an ornament. The Nordic elegant
colors, simple and unique appearance, naturally blend into the kitchen


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