Solar Car Air Freshener – Air Conditioning Model Car Ornament, Car Air Vent Perfume Diffuser Clip, Long-Lasting Deodorizer


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Product Description:

Bullet Points:
1. Energy-Efficient: Our Car Solar Air Fresheners use cutting-edge solar technology, making it an eco-friendly and energy-efficient option for your car. Say goodbye to batteries and enjoy the scent without harming the environment.
2. Fresh Options: Enhance your driving experience and personal taste with our Car Solar Air Fresheners. Three distinct, natural fragrances to choose from – tangerine, lavender, and lemon – to create a refreshing and pleasant environment in your car.
3. Firmly Fixed and Fresh: Our car solar air freshener boasts a strong, non-slip bottom sticker that keeps it firmly fixed on your dashboard, eliminating any worries about slips or shakes on uneven terrain.
4.Does Not Take up Space: The air outlet clip is made of soft silicone that does not hurt the car, and it is easy to mix in the air outlet without taking up space.

5. Innovative Air Conditioner Shape: Indulge in the innovative and stylish shape of our car solar air freshener, resembling an air conditioner. With a refreshing fragrance and solar power, it keeps your car smelling cool without cords or batteries.


Looking for an environmental friendly and creative way to freshen up your car? Our Solar Car Fragrance does just that! With easy fix installation, it does not take up space and helps to create a suitable space environment in your car. Don’t settle for harmful-laden air fresheners, go green with our Solar Car Fragrance!


1. Fragrance: lemon, lavender, orange
2. Color: white, gray
3. Model: Universal

4. Applicable to: instrument panel, air outlet

Aromatherapy tablets*2
Essential oils*1
Air-conditioning outdoor unit aromatherapy (dashboard type)*1
Air-conditioning aromatherapy (air outlet type)*1


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