Press-Type Oil Spray Bottle

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Product Description:

  • Press-type design, easy spray atomization particles
  • The screw bottle mouth is effectively sealed without oil leakage
  • Large diameter of bottle mouth, easy to add oil
  • To lose weight or eat a healthy diet, use a high-pressure nozzle and fan-shaped nozzle in an atomized fuel injection bottle to easily release oil.
  • The atomized and delicate threaded bottle mouth has high friction and can be inverted without oil leakage.
  • It can be used to hold cooking oil, olive oil soy sauce, etc. to start a healthy life.
  • A press-type oil spray bottle is a user-friendly kitchen tool designed for controlled and efficient dispensing of cooking oils.
  • Featuring a pump or press mechanism, this bottle allows for easy, one-handed operation, enabling a fine mist or concentrated stream of oil to be sprayed onto cooking surfaces or food items.
  • With an adjustable nozzle for spray pattern control, a transparent body for oil level monitoring, and a refillable design, it offers versatility and convenience.
  • Package Contain: 1pc Oil Spray Bottle


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