Mosquito Coil Holder


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Product Description:

  • This mosquito coil holder is made of high quality iron, and the surface is sprayed with antioxidant treatment, which can extend the service life and be more durable.
  • The product is specially developed to burn mosquito spirals safely and conveniently and eliminate the risk of fire. With the ring on the top, you can easily move it or hang it on the wall.The bottom compartment can carry them so your room won’t get dirty.
  • Just hang the mosquito coil on the small horizontal bracket in the center, and it can be used without any complicated operation, which is very simple and convenient.
  • The retro look makes the mosquito net door adaptable to different decoration styles, so it is not only a simple stand, but also an elegant home ornament.
  • Size: As show in picture.
  • Material: Iron.
  • Package included: 1*pc.


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