Big Foldable Net Laundry Basket

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Big Foldable Net Laundry Basket

  • HANDLE design allows you to carry it with one hand, the laundry basket is lightweight and can be easily carried anywhere you want to go, the two handles make it easier to go up and down the stairs, and the handle on the back bottom is securely stitched.

  • The collapsible design laundry basket is collapsible and can be placed in a closet or drawer when not in use, saving space and making the room look more neutral, neutral colors can match any home decoration style, keep it when you use it, it is easy to travel in the suitcase

  • The size of the large capacity laundry basket is 30cm x 30cm x 45cm, the tall laundry basket can store clothes, baby toys, dog toys, blankets, suitable for laundry, bathroom, nursery, college dorm room. Keep the room clean and tidy

  • High-quality fabric laundry basket, nylon mesh layer, can keep clothes in the basket dry. Machine washable, surface can be cleaned with a damp cloth

  • The vertical laundry basket has a frame on the top of the laundry basket, which maintains the shape of the laundry basket, is not easy to deform, does not need to be installed, And it is easy to use because it needs to be folded during transportation, you can iron it after receiving it, or use a blanket to cushion it for a while, so that it can stand better


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