4 Layer Shoe Rack Organizer


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4 Layer Shoe Rack Organizer

  • It is suitable for storing most shoes of different heights, with a narrow top and a wide bottom design, which can be taken freely to meet the daily storage needs of a family. It is a shoe rack suitable for the whole family.
  • Widened and thick spray-painted steel pipe, stepped design is convenient to take, and the strip layer frame is breathable and ventilated without leaving peculiar smell.
  • The width is widened, the toe cap is not exposed, and the shoes are suitable for men and women. The painted steel pipe and the bracket are the same color, and the high-quality plastic material is selected, which is safe and secure.
  • The outer eight-character design is stable and does not shake, as stable as Mount Tai, and heavy shoes can be put at ease without being easily deformed.
  • Quick assembly in two minutes, small footprint, can be placed behind the door, storage does not take up more space, suitable for all ages.
  • Size: As Show Picture.
  • Package Included: 1x Pcs.


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