Head Lice Remover Machine


Delivery Charges Rs.200/-

Units Sold: 1

V-comb electronic anti-lice machine is the best machine available in the market to get rid the problem associated with the lice and their eggs. This product is very easy to operate and use.

Additional features of the Telebrands V-Comb Pakistan:

  1. High quality Anti-lice machine that eliminated head lice and its eggs
  2. Chemical free treatment
  3. Disposable head lice filter
  4. Modern and ergonomic device
  5. A revolutionary device that uses the vacuum to remove the head lice
  6. Smart, compact and sleek design
  7. Highest quality stainless steel combing unit with adjustable angles
  8. Filter unit is illuminated by beautiful LED
  9. As easy as combing
  10. No use of any pesticides
  11. Easy to use
  12. Comes with 3 disposable filters
  13. Smooth and gentle treatment
  14. Runs on AC power source
  15. Equally suitable for men, women and children

Technical Specifications of the Telebrands V-Comb Anti-Lice Treatment Pakistan:

  1. Product Description: Vacuum powered head lice machine
  2. Power Adapter Input Rating: 240V Volts, 50 Hertz
  3. Power Adapter Output Rating: 24 V, DC 1 ampere
  4. Suitable operating Temperature: 5˚C – 40˚C
  5. Suitable Storage Temperature: -25˚C – 70˚C
  6. Net Weight: 0.35 Kilograms

What is included in the Package?

  • 1 x Combing Head
  • 1 x Main Body
  • 1 x Filter Unit
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 3 x Disposable Capture Filters


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