Baby Sling Carrier, Adjustable Baby Holder Carrier


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Baby Sling Carrier, Adjustable Baby Holder Carrier

  • This baby sling allows you to carry your newborn in the same position they have assumed in the womb, making it easy for you to enjoy eye contact to bond with your new bundle of joy
  • Our baby carrier can help you to calm and soothe your baby easily by holding it close to you. And the design of the baby carrier ensures the baby’s safety and comfort to the maximum.
  • Easy to adjust baby straps your baby in an ergonomic natural M position in all carry positions from baby to toddler.
  • Our baby carrier sling is specially designed to distribute your baby’s weight evenly while you stay hands free.
  • Breastfeeding is easy with our baby sling.
  • Baby slings have breathable mesh material that is comfortable and soft for all seasons and breathable more than normal fabric to prevent babies from overheating.
  • When you go out, a baby sling is absolutely necessary. Our baby slings is easy to fold and carry, which will greatly reduce the burden of going out, bring you ease, and you can use it anytime, anywhere.
  • The adjustable range of the baby sling wrap carrier is 49.21-61.02inches/125-155cm. The baby carrier newborn allows you not to worry about postpartum body changes and other issues, and can adjust the appropriate size at any time according to you and your baby’s body shape, suitable for the whole family to use. No more messing about and struggling to get your child situated in baby sling carrier, the quick fastening clip with release button makes this a seamless process


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